Nutrition Restore's founder was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition in her late 20s and her life changed very quickly after that. She soon realized the importance of real food. She started to follow Medical Medium (Anthony William) who really inspired her to change her diet drastically and led her to incorporate tons of plant-based, real, whole foods into her daily diet. She noticed that this lifestyle made her feel much better physically and mentally, helped with reducing her symptoms from her autoimmune condition, and her overall energy levels increased drastically since then.

Eating a whole food diet is extremely important, but sometimes it was hard for her to get all the nutrients she needed from fresh fruits and vegetables. She found it hard to buy some of the ingredients she needed at the store (exotic fruits like organic pink pitaya) and some ingredients were extremely expensive, even when they were available.

She soon realized that fruit and vegetable powders are a super easy and convenient way to incorporate an extra boost of superfoods and nutrients into your diet by adding them into smoothies, frozen treats, baked goods, and essentially any meal! Whether you're on-the-go, travel a lot, or just have a really busy schedule, superfood powders are a very quick and easy way to nourish your body. Not only that, but superfood powders are more accessible than fresh fruit and vegetables sometimes (especially for exotic fruit/vegetables fruits/veggies that are not in season) and are shelf-stable which makes them extremely convenient. 

This is how Nutrition Restore was born! She founded the company with the desire to provide products made from real and transparent ingredients. Our team at Nutrition Restore is dedicated to provide the highest quality, all natural superfood products made from organic whole fruits and vegetables!